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Friday, April 10, 2020
Frogmore Stew Recipe Minimize

Frogmore Stew was something I came across about 7 years ago.  At the time I was helping someone make a batch for a Super Bowl Party and here I am making a web page about it.  Frogmore is called a few different names... Beaufort Boil, Low Country Boil, Crab Boil and of course my favorite Frogmore Stew.  The recipe that have learned from has been modified somewhat over the years from my experiences and suggestions from some of the highest coinsurers of Frogmore Stew in South Carolina.  Normally, the stew is made for a fairly large group of people (15-30).  With my recipe you can feed roughly 25 people with a few heavy eaters in the crowd.  So lets get down to the good stuff and see what is in the stew.

Before you start you will need a very, very large pot and a propane burner.  If you don't have a very large pot you will need two pots and have to divide the stuff up equally between the two.  Next, fill the pot up with water just under half way straight from the spigot (not trough the hose).  Some people at this point would say pour in some beers too but to me that is a waste of a perfectly good beer because I have yet to notice a difference in the taste when making a large amount of Stew as this recipe calls for.   Next, take your pot to your burner and get it started heating up to boiling.  While waiting pour in two of the Old Bay Seasonings, the Whole Peppercorns, the Zataran's and the Cider Vinegar.  Let all that get to a good boil. The way you know you got the spices and things right is by breathing in over the pot and see if it almost takes you breath.  If it does you got the spices right.  If not add more spices.  The first thing you do is cook crab legs. Most Crab legs you get all you need to do is boil them for about 5-7 minutes and they are ready.  Once you are finished cooking the crab legs take an older cooler and dump the crab legs in there and they will stay hot until the stew is ready, After you get all the crab legs cooked and out of the pot add the potatoes. Cook for about 10 minutes. Once the potatoes are semi-soft throw in the Sausage again let cook for about 5 minutes and then add the onions. Once it starts boiling again add the corn. Now let it boil for a few minutes.  Now, for the shrimp the key is to not over cook them.  Add all the shrimp to the pot with it boiling and then let them pink up just a little and cut the flame off.  Put the lid on the shrimp will keep cooking until you are ready to serve which for me happens about 2-3 minutes after I cut off the burner. Make sure the shrimp are a good pink and separate easily from the shell.

Frogmore Stew Recipe

2 Cans of Old Bay Seasoning
1 Can of Zatarn's Cajun Seasoning or some spice to add some heat.
50 or more whole black peppercorns
1 Qt. Apple Cider Vinegar
10 lb bag of Potatoes
10 Turkey Smoked Sausages
5 lb bag of Onions
36 Small Ears of Frozen Corn
10 lb of Shrimp
20-30 lbs of Crab Legs (if not get more shrimp)

Cut up the potatoes and onions in quarters.

Once you got everything cooked lay down some newspaper and just dump the contents of the pot (after draining) onto the table and enjoy.  And that is Frogmore Stew according to Matt Edwards.

Frogmore stew ready to go
Frogmore Stew is almost ready for the shrimp!

Frogmore preperation
Get the shrimp ready!  If you are near the coast only fresh off the dock will do.
We have to compromise a little here in the Upstate.

those shrimp are looking ready!
Now those shrimp are ready!

frogmore buffet
The only way to eat Frogmore is outside on a table with Newspapers...
and cold beer.

Frogmore on the table!
The buffet is ready!

Enjoying Frogmore and some cold beer
Lee didn't mess around!