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Entries for March 2006

Friday, March 31, 2006
2 more Matt Edwards...
By host @ 10:32 AM :: 5402 Views :: 22 Comments :: Article Rating :: Matt Edwards

Got two more ME's that came in on the 23rd...

105 - 3-23-06 London via Wellington, New Zealand

106 - 3-23-06 Unknown location

Thats 106.

Friday, March 17, 2006
Up to 104 ME's
By host @ 9:27 AM :: 5304 Views :: 10 Comments :: Article Rating :: Matt Edwards

4 more ME's to add...

101 - added: 3-14-06 Indianapolis, IN

102 - added: 3-16-06 Walnut Creek, CA

103 - added: 3-16-06 Macomb, Illinois

104 - added: 3-17-06 Sunbury, UK

For the UK Matt Edwards I hope I am writing the Cities correctly.  If I am not please let me know.

This gets us up to 104 ME's.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Interactive Google Map of ME's
By host @ 7:04 PM :: 6036 Views :: 14 Comments :: Article Rating :: Matt Edwards

Well, I have been working on a Google Map version of the maps of Matt Edwards'.  I got a first draft up tonight here.  I am still adding the ME's in there.  Also, I am going to have to go back pre #58 and look up where people were from to re map it since you can get fairly precise in Google Maps.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006
100 is Here!!
By host @ 6:45 PM :: 5094 Views :: 17 Comments :: Article Rating :: Matt Edwards

Well, we are up to triple digits!

Today ME from Minneapolis, Minnesota brought us to 100.

Sunday, March 05, 2006
Whats up with this Color Scheme?
By host @ 4:47 PM :: 5124 Views :: 9 Comments :: Article Rating :: Clemson, Website

I just realized that many people that stop by this site are probably wondering if I am color blind.  :)  But the orange and purple does have some significance... they are the school colors of Clemson University where I went to school and got a BS in Biological Sciences.  I am a big fan of their football (american style) team the Clemson Tigers.  If you get a chance check out some of the history of Death Valley (the stadium where they play) it is pretty interesting.  It is one of the loudest stadiums in the world when its filled on Saturday afternoons.  Another interesting fact is that the Tigers make one of the most unique entrances in college football or as a famous sports caster tagged it "the most exciting 25 secs in college football."  You can read more about it at Wikipedia.

Also, check out Clesmon's site to see what its all about.

Sunday, March 05, 2006
Number 99! From Winnipeg, Canada!!
By host @ 4:44 PM :: 5363 Views :: 11 Comments :: Article Rating :: Matt Edwards

Man I can't believe it one away from 100!

Had Matt Edwards from Winnipeg, Canada email me yesterday.  Hes' #99.

I am also working to try and map out everyone on a Google Maps module instead of the way I am trying to do maps now.  Stay tuned for that.